3 Cruise Ship Tipping Categories

Just how do you figure out cruise ship tipping and is there a proper tipping on a cruise? Gratuities on a cruise are generally puzzling for first-time cruisers because of the diverse tipping rules from one cruise vessel to the next. There are no really hard guidelines to adhere to when it comes to tipping. It would be wise to ask your cruise agent what the tipping program is for the cruise ship you are going on and think of the options that one could take.

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Typically, gratuities on cruises are labeled into three classes:

Automatic Tipping – To get rid of the trouble of determining what the proper tips to set aside out at the end of a trip, numerous cruise lines are including tips automatically to the cruiser’s on-board accounts. Some top major cruise lines like Carnival and Norwegian are adding ten to thirteen dollars per day, per guest charge for dining and room services.

Most of the cruise lines offer cheaper tips for kids. The quantity of the tips can be controlled when the account is closed, based on the cruiser’s judgement. In some instances, cruise agents can add gratuities directly into the cruise price.

Tip Recommendations – Some cruise lines simply offer gratuity suggestions. Cruise ships provide you with the option of paying out your tips in cash at the end or include them to your on-board credit, which is finalized before you disembark.

No Tipping Policy – Most luxury cruise ships will declare that giving gratuities is not needed. The tips are sometimes built into the price of upscale cruises. Sometimes it’s really quite good if you’ll award a tip for a high quality service.

Remember to plan out your tipping methods for the reason that cruise lines can really drain a lot of your money if you’re not aware of how things work. Going on a cruise is like walking inside a floating Las Vegas casino. Everything inside the ship is designed to make you spend lots of money.

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