3 Revealing Signs You’re a Cruise Addict

Are you addicted to cruising? If you answered no, then most probably you are a certified cruise addict. Unfortunately there is no cure for your cruise addiction. Anybody can be hooked into taking cruise trips because of the stunning elegance of a cruise ship.

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Did you know that walking inside a cruise ship is almost like walking into a giant, floating Las Vegas casino? The ship’s structure, colors, the music… almost everything is designed to get you to spend more money.

Let’s check out the 3 telltale signs when your cruise addiction starts and determine if you’re one of those cruise addicts.

First Sign – As you are boarding and saw the cruise ship, you suddenly felt a weird, fascinating change in your personality. You were entranced by its brilliance and were completely carried away, and you just couldn’t wait to get on board.

Once you’re inside the ship, you suddenly felt a strong compulsion to run around the ship to see everything all at once. You felt as though you finally found a long-lost friend.

Second Sign – Once the cruise ship departs, cruise addiction converts normally lifeless people with a normal state of mind and personality into individuals with multiple, completely indistinguishable (yet safe and funny) personalities.

Did you show a sudden change of character while on your cruise? Did you feel incredibly animated, considerably relaxed, and had full of energy trying to do or try things that before the cruise you would have never, ever believed possible? If your answers are all yes, that’s the second sign!

Third Sign – This is the most obvious sign. At the end of your cruise, you were sad knowing that the cruise is over and you had to get off the ship. Going back home, you suffered from ship separation anxiety and instantly began craving for another cruise. From that moment on, the one thing that you’ve been thinking all day is about cruises.

So these are the 3 signs to look out for if you’re a cruise addict. Are you one of us?

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