7 Important Cruise Travel Tips to Remember

When going on a cruise trip, it’s pretty understandable to become really excited but there are some of the few things that you need to keep in mind especially if this is your first time to cruise. Nobody is perfect and most of the time we need help to get the information in knowing what to pack and what to expect on a cruise. Let’s review some of the most essential tips that you can use when you go on cruising.

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Avoid Shore Excursions

Do your best to avoid cruise shore excursions even if you find them attractive with cheap prices because it’s very possible that you can be stranded. No need to worry because cruise lines carefully review the companies that they’re in business with and it’s always best to take the advice of your cruise travel agent.

Choose Cabin Carefully

When you choose a cabin on your cruise make sure that you ask for a chart that shows the ship’s layout. Pick a cabin that’s away from the laundry area and any of the places where people gather around like elevators and stairways. You can really be irritated with the noise when people start gathering in these areas.

Write Packing List

It’s very important to write a cruise packing list so you can be sure that you aren’t forgetting something. You can get a lot of ideas from searching the Internet.

Bring Small Bag

Take a carry on bag with you when you board the ship and pack it with some toiletries, towels and anything that you might have an immediate need for. It could take a while before your luggage can reach your cabins.

Ask for Ship’s Map

Ask for the cruise ship’s map with your travel agent before you go on your cruise trip. You obviously know that cruise ships are very huge and it’s easy to get lost inside it. Getting yourself comfortable and familiar with the ship’s layout is going to be worth the effort.

Cut on the Jewelry

Bringing a lot of jewelry inside a cruise ship isn’t really necessary. It’s advisable that you take one good set so you wear something on a Captain’s dinner or in shows that you’re going to attend to.

Show Courtesy

Show courtesy inside the cruise especially during early mornings. Most of the other passengers are still asleep and having some good cruise etiquette can be an important trait to have when taking a cruise.

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