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July 2010 Louis Cruises New Fall Programs & Smart Rate Savings

I just heard the good news about the new fall programs and smart rate savings of Louis Cruise Lines. They’re now offering various exciting programs that are new to fall sailing season in the Eastern and Western Mediterranean. One awesome feature is their SMART RATE savings that promises great deals to cruisers when they book in early.

Cruising from Marseilles, France on Orient Queen the 11-day Adriatic Coast, Italy and the Ionian is an exclusive itinerary of Louis Cruises that goes round-trip from Marseilles and provides cruisers the chance to see the 8 awesome villages and cities in Italy, Montenegro, Croatia, and Greece. The price of their SMART RATE starts out at $960 which is a little less from their brochure rate of $1,800.

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Here’s a rundown of the SMART RATES:

  • From Genoa, Italy onboard Louis Majesty the 7-day Mediterranean Highlights – $710 (brochure rate of $1,440)
  • 8-day Spanish Odyssey & Tangier travelers. Genoa is the embarkation point and will visit Marseilles, Mallorca, Almeria, and Malaga in Spain then will head to Tangier in Morocco before going back to the Iberian Peninsula to visit Ibiza and Barcelona – $790 (brochure rate of $1,600)
  • 11-day Moorish Coasts includes trips to Marseilles, Tangier, Lisbo, Cadiz, Casablanca, Malaga, Alicante and Barcelona – $860 (brochure rate of $1,740)
  • 9-day programs that includes Italy, Greece, Ionian islands & Albania; Iberian Coasts; Tunis, Malta & Italy – $850 (brochure rate of $1,670)

These are some of the great deals that you can get from Louis Cruise lines with their new fall programs and SMART RATE savings.

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