Dress Code on Royal Caribbean Cruises

If you think that a cruise is just a cruise and you don’t care about the dress code on Royal Caribbean Cruises, go camping. Your plastic flip-flops and too causal shorts will certainly not get you anywhere near the places you need to go, such as dining room or a bar! It is not only the adults – many parents take their children on cruises with this really royal company and the quite severe dress code applies even to them.

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You will either spend entire time in your cabin, or have a chance to sneak out just on a few so-called casual nights, which also means you need to have a jacket and a tie, while your lady has to be dressed carefully for the occasion, however “casual” it gets.

Dress code on Royal Caribbean Cruises will tell you exactly what and where to wear certain things, since you don’t have to glow like a star every night and day. Well certainly, if this is your first cruise, you will want to stand out as much as you can. However, you will follow the protocol in dressing or you will not be cruising with Royal Caribbean!

You might not be the kind of person to flash with your wardrobe or style, but this cruise is your chance to show some more glamour than you have used to – in your previous life. It is known that people, once having tasted cruise with Royal Caribbean, almost count time “before” Royal Caribbean and “after” it! That is so true and tells you so much about the worth of this specific voyage and this particular cruising company.

As for the dress code on Royal Caribbean cruises, you will find out variety of evening occasions and codes for dressing. Forget usual “summer” clothes and get some costly and shiny suits and shoes. Get your partner his best ties and suits, and equip yourself with the best jewelry you possess. Royal Caribbean magical cruise is simply worth it.

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One thought on “Dress Code on Royal Caribbean Cruises

  1. Roy Brocklebank

    What absolute nonsense to say tha RCI has dress standards. They have recommened dress for an evening but on our cruise on 7 June you could count the number of people in Tuxedos on the fingers of your hand.

    Many men wore neither jacket or tie and some didn’t even bother with shirt buttons.

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