How Do Cruise Lines Make Money From Passengers?

If you have ever wandered the answer to the question, how do cruise lines make money from passengers, then you will want to read on some of the things that cruise lines do to try and get more money from the people aboard their cruise ships. These are the biggest complaints that guests aboard a cruise ship have after they feel that they have been home.

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One of the top complaints is that the guests have is that they are not always taken to the planned ports. The reasons that they are given can be weather, engine problems or a number of things that are beyond their control. However they might find that the ports that they are taken to are significantly more expensive than those that were originally planned. There are some conspiracy theorists that believe this to be because the cruise line makes more money by visiting these less popular ports.

Another way that cruises make more money is that they are often germ infested and contain many viruses. Most of the cruise ships have some type of medical staff on site but these staff members are not included in the cost of your ship and are quite expensive. So, are they making guests ill to make more money? Another scam that cruise lines offer is that they offer to book your plane tickets with the guarantee that the ship will not leave without you. This is a very costly choice and one that many cruisers do not realize the expense of.

When you are on an all inclusive cruise the additional things that you pay for quickly add up. These additional expenses include alcohol, some entertainment and special spa treatments. These types of things, especially alcohol, can really add up during your week aboard the ship.

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