How to Sneak Alcohol on a Cruise

Probably the hot and intriguing topic with cruising has been how to sneak alcohol on a cruise. Some time ago, it was not forbidden to carry some booze with your trip, but nowadays, the situation rapidly changes and not so many cruise lines will allow you even a bottle of wine. Some will, but most will not.

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Mainly, there are two basic reasons why people usually sneak alcohol onto a cruiser. The first one is simple – you often want to share a drink or two with your friend in your cruise premises, without having to call a waiter or going to the bar yourself. Of course, there is the additional touch – apart from the price of the drink, you have to pay a tip to the waiter, as well. It is quite clear and understandable.

However, the most popular question of how to sneak alcohol on a cruise ship has its reasons, which is also simple and understandable – saving money. The tab you can get at a bar can easily empty your pockets, no matter how cheap the cruise itself is. The prices you pay for your drinks (apart from juice, coffee and soda beverages, which also come expensive) are extremely high on every cruise line. Spending several hundreds of dollars for a bottle of wine does not seem pretty thoughtful, whatever the person is, a king or a celebrity.

On the other hand, people have always managed to find ways how to sneak alcohol on a cruise ship. Plastic coca-cola bottles are ideal for sneaking wine and dark liquor such as rum, where many people use even bottles for mouth-wash to sneak in vodka and similar colorless drinks. Brandy can be purchased in plastic bottles, which are easily disguised. The only trick is to pack it all carefully so the checking goes without problem. It is not highly likely that people welcoming you on board will open your bottle of Listerine.

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