Imperial Majesty Cruise Line Vacations Scam – Been a Victim?

Imperial Majesty Cruise Line Vacations are being searched by over a thousand of people every month. A good percentage of them however are looking for scam reports about them. It seems that there are many people who have been mislead by the said cruise line.

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I’ve always been cautious when it comes to dealing with cruise lines because I’m aware of their whole system. What system am I talking about? Simple. Cruise lines will entice you with super huge discounts so they can fill up their cabins. That’s the first goal. Don’t think that the cruise lines are being charitable because they are not. They need to fill their cabins as much as possible because no passengers means no cash cows for them.

After they’ve filled up the cabins and the cruise ship is already sailing, the whole process of draining the passenger’s money begins. Unsuspecting people won’t realize this because they justify that overspending is a must for having a great cruise. Don’t be the cruise lines’ next victim.

Imperial Majesty Cruise Line Vacations Scam

Here’s a testimonial from one of the passengers who have been scammed by Imperial Majesty Cruise Line:

I feel that the Imperial Majesty Cruise Line sales tactics are misleading and fraudulent. The representatives say anything on the phone and only put in the notes what will help their cause. I compare Imperial Majesty Cruise Line to a corporate Madoff that swindles’ people out of there hard earn money. In these times there needs to be better regulations over the travel/vacation companies on how they do business. People are loosing homes, retirements, and jobs and Imperial Majesty’s practices are not helping. This has energized me to write my congressman and legislature about this issue.

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