Intelligent Cruiser Review – Cruise Lines Are Taking Advantage Of You!

I’ve searched online for some Intelligent Cruiser reviews but I didn’t have any luck that’s why I decided to get a copy and provide you with a real review so you can decide whether the information inside is right for you. I hope you’re ready because we’re going to cover the main points why you need this guide and the reason why you would think otherwise.

Learn Cruise Insider Secret Tips and Save Thousands of Dollars on Every Cruise You Take

One thing that’s guaranteed if you’re a first time cruiser is that you’re going to learn a lot of cruise tips that you can use to outsmart cruise lines. If you’re a cruise veteran, then you will probably know some of the cruise travel tips that are outlined in this guide.

Here are some amazing cruise tips that you can find inside Intelligent Cruiser:

  • The Key to Avoiding the Single Biggest Mistake That 99% of Passengers Make
  • The Two Vital Rules That Guarantee You’ll Be Treated Like Royalty By Every Crew Member
  • Instantly Slash the Cost of Every Spa and Salon Treatment by 50%!
  • Dirty Hidden Truth About the Cruise Lines’ Shore Excursion Programs
  • Full List of 57 Expert Tricks That Will Guarantee You’re The Most Educated Passengers on Board
  • Discover What Crew Members Actually Think and Say About the Passengers
  • And many many more!

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One thing that I love the most about this cruising guide is the fact that David Kirkland was a former cruise ship officer. He reveals some really amazing behind-the-scenes look of what really happens when you go in a cruise. This is a guide written by someone who got sick and tired of how cruise lines are really taking advantage of passengers.

This is a recommended guide for first-time cruisers because it will give you a lot of cruise tips and advice on how you could maximize your cruise experience without needing to spend a lot of money on your overall cruise vacation.

Having mentioned all of this, some of the information inside can be found online if you are diligent enough. The problem is the time you need to spend on research and we all know that time is gold. The Intelligent Cruiser is a compilation of David’s cruise insider knowledge on how you could experience the best cruise ever while maintaining a budget all in one easy-to-read guide.

There’s a story he shared inside the guide where his auctioneer friend bought a souvenir item for $5 then sold it at an auction for $450! This is one of the many tricks that cruise lines are going to use on unsuspecting passengers, but not on you because you’re an Intelligent Cruiser!

In my opinion, Intelligent Cruiser is definitely a must-have guide for first time cruisers but if you’re already a cruising veteran then you’ll probably know some of the cruise tips discussed inside the guide. But then again, I think that experienced cruisers can still learn a thing or two on how to really enjoy their cruise experience.

What’s The Single Biggest Mistake That 99% of the Cruise Passengers Make?

There’s a very critical mistake that 99% of the cruise passengers make and it’s costing you big time. An ex-cruise ship officer reveals cruise insider information that cruise lines doesn’t want you to know.

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