Sneaking Alcohol Onto Cruise Ship

You can bring your own liquor on a cruise ship but it’s not really allowed. This is one of the most common questions that gets asked when trying to go on a cruise. Liquor is one of the biggest revenue generators for cruises so there’s no way on earth that they would allow you to bring your own alcohol.

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If you’re not going to buy liquor from them, they would not profit and that would be a very big loss for the company. It’s as simple as that.

However, others will try to smuggle the liquor inside the cruise ship. One of the more common tips is to get crest containers and fill them up with similar colored alcohol. You can play it safe by getting a white container and filling it with any clear alcohol. Similarly, you can pour dark colored liquors into empty Coke bottles and place them in your checked in luggage. Do not attempt to walk on board with it.

If you’re traveling with your wife, she can hide your alcohol in her toiletries or undergarments in her suitcase. You are most likely to get away with little amounts, but only if you hide it well. Some cruise lines scan your baggage and you’ll have to take a chance and that they won’t find it. If you’re worried about getting kicked off the ship when they find alcohol with you, then you shouldn’t worry because they’re only going to keep the liquor until your cruise trip is over.

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