The Author Behind Intelligent Cruiser

This is just to give you a quick post about David Kirkland, author of Intelligent Cruiser. David was a cruise ship officer for 10 years who got sick and tired of seeing passengers being persuaded unconsciously by the cruise lines to spend obscene amounts of money.

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He took action and compiled a list of all the ways that cruise lines use to suck in passenger’s money. He then showed this list to his boss and he was surprised because his boss didn’t argue what was in the list. What his boss did was to bribe David with a 20% salary increase if he could just forget about his whole idea.

David didn’t take the bribe. After so many years of being part of a system that tricks cruise passengers into paying huge amounts of money, he decided to quit and leave the job he loved.

He finished and documented all of the ways how these hidden secret techniques are used against passengers and how passengers can use this information to their advantage in a very detailed ebook called Intelligent Cruiser.

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