What Clothes Should You Wear on a Cruise to Alaska

What clothes should you wear on a cruise to Alaska? Deciding what clothes to wear on an Alaskan cruise isn’t really that difficult. Basically this will depend on what time you want to cruise and the activities that you’re planning on doing.

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You already know that the weather will be a huge factor in planning a cruise to Alaska. Ask your travel agent or do an online research on the activities and excursions that your cruise line is providing. It is important to remember that weather conditions can differ greatly during any time of the year.

Putting on layers of clothing will definitely be a big help on enjoying your Alaskan cruise in any weather conditions.

Inside Clothing – Undershirts, T-shirts or long thin underwear can all be classified as inside clothing. Whatever fabric that you choose, it’s advisable to wear something that absorbs the moisture from your skin. There are lots of exercise clothes that are made from materials that draw moisture away, so think about packing various long and short sleeve shirts for working out and inside layers of clothing for shore excursions.

Middle Protective Clothing – The middle layer is really optional and one that you don’t really need in the middle of the summer. However, if you plan on doing a dog-sled excursion or hiking up across the glaciers, be ready to put on another layer of clothing such as a heavy long undershirt, for added insulation. There are very cold nights even during the summer so think about bringing a sweater or a jacket.

Outer Clothing – Pack at least a jacket that is water resistant and breathable so you can protect yourself from the wind and the rain. You can also bring a windbreaker or a rain coat aside from your heavier coat. Jackets that are made from Gore-Tex are a good choice for a lighter outer layer. And don’t forget to bring a rain hat if your jacket doesn’t have a hood.

Footwear – Wear a pair of lightweight hiking boots if you’re going onshore. Light trekking boots are more recommended than the usual heavy hiking boots since the heavy ones can bring about blisters. Depending on your cruise activities you might think about packing some sneakers, flip flops and casual footwear.

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